Top 5 Tips for Resume Format

Many job seekers ignore the details of the resume format, but it is interesting that the details determine whether a resume is successful. You can make your resume stand out by understanding what details need to attention, and make those details fine and beautiful.

  1. Font Style

    A good resume format should not have more than three font styles, otherwise it will look messy. The fonts should be standard and generic, do not use some fancy fonts, remember, a beautiful resume should be neat and should not be like a poster. There may be an exception here, when you are ready to apply for an art position, hiring managers often wants to see some different resumes. At this point, you may want to use some unusual fonts, but please ensure the overall harmony.

  2. Font Size & Decorations

    Since the font can not be too much, then it is necessary to rely on font size to distinguish between different levels in a resume,  a good resume usually divided into five levels. First  level is your name, this level generally uses the largest font and does not need to be decorated. Second level are section headings, like educations, experience and awards, this level should choose capital, bold and large words. Third level includes company names and school names, a bold normal font size is good for this level. Forth level includes department names and position names,  it should use normal font size with optional bold or italic decorations. Fifth level is the text content, this level should use normal size without any decoration.

  3. Punctuation

    Punctuation is also a problem? Some people will think hiring managers will not pay attention to punctuation at all. But if you often use wrong punctuation, your resume will become obscure and hard to read. So it is best to read it again to ensure that every sentence is fluent, especially after you write your job responsibilities or experience.

  4. Highlights

    Many people willing to write all their experiences are on their resume, this leads to a complex and confused content which interviewer can not find the focus. In fact, job seekers should build their resume according to the employer and position they applying for. Useful and relevant information. A perfect resume just group your highlights, and can tell the interviewer why you are competent for this job, is a perfect resume.

  5. Resume Format Template

    Resume templates are available in a variety of formats, including: time, functional and hybrid. It is easiest to write your resume in chronological order, and it helps hiring managers to know when and where you have done your work.

When you are still in the same industry, your recent work experience best reflect your value, in this case, to use of time-based resume more appropriate. But if you want to change an industry, it is best to take a functional resume.

If you still don’t know where to start, our website already offer hundreds of high quality resume templates, feel free to download them.

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