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Why You Need a Resume Skill Summary?

First of all, each person’s resume should be tailor-made, according to your experience and background, you may or may not include a resume skill summary in your resume.  But you have to remember that the final readers of your resume are hiring managers, they may read hundreds of resumes like yours. According to a study by, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. Can you believe that? You only have SIX SECONDS to catch hiring managers’ eyes! It is like a one-time deal – you could not expect they would read your resume again and again.

How to make hiring managers interested in you in a short time? The answer is surprisingly simple: Concise and Specific, you may think how could I did both at same time? That’s why you need a resume summary. An excellent resume skill summary is like a diamond on your resume, which could easily attract hiring managers’ attention. Meanwhile, the process of conceiving a summary can also help you to summarize your experience and write a more structured resume.

The Purpose of Resume Skill Summary

So what is a resume skill summary? What is its purpose?

A traditional resume summary is a descriptive bullet-list section to summarize your key information at the beginning of your resume. It should be short, targeted and easy to read. After reading your summary, hiring managers should be able to answer two questions: “What have you done” and “What can you do”. Resume summary also be called “Qualification summary” or “Competencies”, it has only one purpose – Let hiring managers recognize you in the shortest time. Still remember that six-second rule? Most people would like to first read those generalized tabular content in a limited time, that where resume summary comes into play. Though it sounds a bit ironic, a well-written resume summary could double the chance you get hired, even help you beat those job seekers who have richer backgrounds.

How to Write a Resume Summary?

  1. Thinking

After learned the importance of resume skill summary, you may have been unable to wait to modify your resume. But wait, first you should put your resume away and thinking, thinking of your advantages and most successful work experience. What is your top selling points? Check your previous work records, find some data that can prove your outstanding work, such as annual sales record, company rewards, etc.

2. Summarizing

List what you think on a paper, refine and summarize them into concise bullets, it should be a gradual process, do not expect to complete this in one-time. You should always keep improving your list. Remember, only write down the most critical information.

3. Refining

The last step is to shrink down what you list into three or four targeted sentences. Keeping your summary short and targeted, you may want to remove some information unrelated to your job application. For example, you have made excellent sales in your previous job, but you are applying for a customer service position, then you don’t need to mention sales-related results in your resume summary, on the contrary, you should mention what you did to help customers solving their problems, and to win the trust of customers.

Should I Write a Different Summary for Each Job Application?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Because hiring managers only care about what they need. You may have plenty of advantages, but only three of them your next job needed. So before writing, please read the job description very carefully and know what kind of people they are looking for, and only include the qualities they want in your resume skill summary. In this way, hiring manages can easily find you are a qualified candidate at a glance. So do not be afraid of a waste of time, write a unique resume skill summary for each job you apply for.

Resume Skill Summary Samples

  • Over ten years of management experience in healthcare industry
  • Won the outstanding contribution award for three consecutive years
  • Efficient leadership of the fifty team

  • Sales manager in retail industry with strengths in customer service.
  • Successful in adjusting sale strategies that have resulted in new customers increased by 50%.
  • Proven skills in marketing, advertising, product integration.

  • Over five years of practical social media marketing experience.
  • Solid background in marketing, business development.
  • Experienced at user interaction and feedback analysis and help company achieve brand image.

  • Project manager with ten years experience in web development.
  • Experienced at full cycle software developing process.
  • Extensive hands-on practices in agile development.

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