How to Find Strangers as Your Employee Referrals

In general, students who have just graduated, or who have fewer years of work won’t know many people in their industries. At this point, Finding a stranger as referral is actually a win-win way: the referral could earn a referral fee, and you would get hired. This article describes how to find people you don’t know before to become your employee referrals.

1. You need an eye-catching resume

Resume is always the most important. Do not let your resume have a lot of typo, or write too general no targeted, or layout too messy. If you need a nice template to get start, you could check our resume templates page.

2. You need a self introduction

You should write down a short introduction about yourself (200 ~ 400 words), In this way, your potential referral could easily know your situation and background, introduction should include basic information like highest degree, major and skills. Remember, do not exaggerate or even forged your background in order to attract others attention.

3. Find employee referrals on websites

LinkedIn is always the first choice to find the referral, when you search, you should avoid contact with third-party recruitment company, but directly contact the employees working in the company applying for. In addition to LinkedIn, you should also search the famous websites in the industry. For example, if you try to apply for a software engineer position, then you may want to search on Github and StackOverflow. You can google the authoritative websites in your industry.

4. Send messages nicely

When you find the potential referrals, you need to send a message to each person on your list to ask them to be your referral, this message needs to include your self introduction, the reason why you send this message and the position you apply for. At this point do not send your resume until you get the response from the referrals. Please try to remain polite, don’t send multiple messages, if you have not received a reply after sometimes, try to contact another person in the same company.

5. Don’t forget to say thanks

Regardless of the final result, Always say thank you to your referrals, thanks them for offering the interview and hope to keep in touch. Maybe they will think of you when they have a better position.

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