Why Cover Letter Matters?

The purpose of the cover letter is similar to the sale promotion – arouse the interests of customers (employers), to achieve the effect of successful marketing. This letter is the only formal media between you and the employer before the interview, so its quality directly affects your chances of getting an interview.  It is necessary to first recognize the purpose and importance of the cover letter before your writing.

The Only Purpose of Cover Letter: To Sell Yourself

The use of cover letter is only for an interview opportunity, and can not find a job for you immediately. It should be simple and relevant, to allow employer to understand your situation and get interested in you in a short period of time ( better in 30 seconds).

First, you can do some transposition thinking.Consider the need from the view of the employer. What kind of employees are they looking for? Why do they hire employees? In the cover letter, only provide information they are interested in. Unrelated information will increase the length of the cover letter, so that employers lose patience to read. You should carefully rewrite a cover letter for every job application. Do not write a general cover letter, and then make a lot of copies.

The content should be short and fine. The theme should closely around “I am very interested in this job, I will be qualified for this job”. Let the recruiter feel they need you, The length of the best control in a page, up to two pages. Remember that you only have a few seconds to attract your readers to continue to look down.

Reasonable Layout

At the beginning, You should explain where to find the job information; the motivations of the job application, and the reason for joining the business. Then do self-description, explain the situation you apply for the job, put forward what you can do for the future employer. Briefly highlight your related characteristics. Finally leave your phone or address and say thank you.

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