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Compared with the traditional resume, in recent years, when people write resume, they want to express their attitude and personality through the resume. So most of the modern resumes have not only a piece of white paper, and more like a well-designed canvas. Through clever layout, reasonable colors, a modern resume like a work of art. Through this resume, hiring managers can feel your character, your passion and your love for this job. The modern resume are great for all job applications in all industries, especially when you are ready to apply for a design or art job. In this post, we offered you these modern resume template. All templates are saved in Microsoft Word document (.docx) format for personalized editing. Feel free to download them.

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Modern Resume 1

This resume template uses light green as the main colors, giving a fresh feeling. The top green banner highlights your name and contact details.Each section is separated by dashed line, and each heading is center aligned.



Modern Resume Template 2

This is a tailor-made resume template for the art/design position. The prototype lines on the top gracefully highlight your name. Leather texture styled banner makes your resume look fine and calm. The banner on the bottom comes with the your position name will make hiring managers feel you are very professional and confident.



Modern Resume Template 3

This template has same layout as the one above. The only difference is that this uses purple as its main color. You may find different colors would give people different feelings.



The biggest highlight of this modern resume template is the initials on the upper left corner. No doubt it will attract hiring manager’s eyes, and let your resume stand out. At the same time, red and white color to make this resume looks full of energy.



Modern Resume Template 5

If you are a software engineer, you would love this one. This template transfers your resume into a piece of code, and the dark background makes whole page look like a terminal. If you are applying a developer position, this template definitely deserve a try.



Modern Resume Template 6

This template has a clean layout, card-typed section. The icons in the lower left corner is another highlight. Simple icons with clean layouts make the entire template easy to read, and easy to grape the key concepts.



Modern Resume Template 7

This modern resume template divides the page into three parts. The top area includes your name and a picture banner. The right area include contact details and self description. The center area includes your backgrounds and experience.



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