Best Blank Resume Templates | Free Download

Simple is best. A blank resume can put hiring managers’ attention on the content, and giving a concise feeling. Blank resume template can apply to all kinds of job applications. And whether you are a graduated student or a job seeker with many years of working experience, blank resume template is always the most secure template you could choose. Remember, blank does not mean there is no reasonable layout. In fact, the rational use of white spaces can make your resume look fresh and focused. In this post, we offered you these blank resume templates. All templates are saved in Microsoft Word document (.docx) format for personalized editing. Feel free to download them.

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Blank Resume 1

This template uses a uniform font style, and uses the difference between the font size to distinguish the content. If you wish, you could bold the title to make the distinction between each section more obvious.


Blank Resume Templates

This is compared to other blank resume templates is more prominent to highlight your name. And use light green to highlight the section titles.


Blank Resume 3

Each section is separated by a dark horizontal bar, this makes the whole resume seem clear and easy to understand. Another highlight is the top centered contact details.


Blank Resume 4

This template uses bullet list to display experience and backgrounds. At the same time, multi-column design is as much as possible using horizontal space to keep your resume at a reasonable length.


Blank Resume 5

This template also uses bullet-style list, unlike the previous one, this put content on the middle of the resume, and left more white spaces on both sides. The vertical layout allows hiring manager easily to find their interested points on your resume.


Blank Resume 6

The last template may not be in the traditional sense of the blank resume templates. It uses colored rectangles to divide the resume into multiple parts. If you want your resume to have some innovative elements but without losing the rules, you should try this one.


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